Scholarship 2023

Scholarship 2023

The Japan Society of Hong Kong Scholarship 2023 Application is Now Open

Application for The Japan Society of Hong Kong Scholarship 2023 is now open, and cut off on 6th February 2023. To commemorate its 30th Anniversary, the Japan Society of Hong Kong has established a Scholarship in 1993, it is presented once a year. The main purpose is to promote the Japanese culture and enhance the mutual understanding between the civilians and hoping to contribute for the interrelationship between Hong Kong and Japan. The Society is honored to have generous donations by the Hong Kong-Japanese Cultural & Educational Exchange Foundation to the Scholarship Fund.

The Japan Society of Hong Kong Scholarship Result 2022

Congratulations to Mr. Leung Chun Hang, Mr. Ip Chun Yin, Mr. Lai Ka Ho Key, Ms. Hillary Liauw and Ms. So Hiu Tung for receiving half a million Japanese Yen “Scholarship of The Japan Society of Hong Kong” 2022. This is the 30th Scholarship and there were 133 scholarship recipients in total over the past 30 years. Unfortunately, the Scholarship Presentation Ceremony was cancelled because of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. We wish the recipients all the best in Japan and have a bright future!


Interested participants for the Scholarship may pay attention to the website or Facebook of our Society for the latest information during the early January of each year.