The Japan Society of Hong Kong is a non-profit community and apolitical organization, which was founded in September 1962. Its goals as below:

  1. To stimulate understanding between HKSAR and Japan civilians;
  2. To enhance the public awareness and interest towards Japan’s cultural achievements in Arts, Literature, Philosophy, Science, History and Language; and other aspects of industrial, life, social and economic;
  3. To conduct a program in Japanese Language for the public;
  4. In order to boost the friendly interchange, various types of events, such as symposiums, exhibitions, and seminars, etc. will be organized.

The Society registered as a non-profit limited company on 26th January 2000. Successive Consul-Generals of Japan in Hong Kong would take up the post of the Society’s Honorary President. Meanwhile, the Society will invite the community leaders to be the Patron, Vice-patrons, and Honorary Vice-President.

The Board of the Councilors, not exceeding twenty members, will host the duties management and development of the Society. According to the rules of the Society, the members will elect the members of the Board included the President, Vice-President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary General in the Annual General Meeting.

There are six permanent teams of Board of the Councilors for promoting social, cultural and educational events. Under the instructions of the Society, several events will be organized, such as monthly symposiums and annual scholarship scheme for studying in Japan as well as the Japanese Language Speech Contest. Moreover, there are other social gatherings such as Japanese festival feasts.

Since January 2001, the Society has taken over the Nihongo Koza operated by the Consulate-Generals of Japan in Hong Kong. The Society was moved to the new site at Prosperity Millennia Plaza, North Point, which there has an excellent environment and classroom facilities that allow us to provide the best Japanese education for various sectors in Hong Kong. The Society’s office is also located at the address as aforementioned.

The Society has more than 2000 members, including the associate members since 1962. There were around 180 members for year 2022.

Society Information